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“If You See My Beloved”


words by tom johnson

I have vague memories of a conversation, an argument perhaps, after watching a film. You levelled the criticism that the film wasn’t any good because “nothing happened it”. I’ve heard the argument before and since, from many mouths, and I’ve come to realise you mean fanfare. It’s not that nothing happened, it’s that nothing fantastical happened; no planets exploded, no vehicles were wrought, no spells were cast. But things happened. Life happened. It always does, in its small peculiar way, even in the quietest of moments, perhaps especially in the quietest moments.

Friendship’s music is this mighty, defining, subdued moment personified. Previous EP ‘FV Hope‘ – released earlier this and unveiled on these very pages – simmered like a cold foggy morning within which you feel utterly lost, and new track “If You See My Beloved” continues this with all the considered delicacy we’ve now come to expect. Taken from a brand new full-length, which is released in November via Orindal Records (Julie Byrne, Hello Shark), the new five-minute track is about nothing and everything, of clouds taking form, of the rain on days off, on short walks taken with next to someone that means nothing to anyone else.

And it’s beautiful, of course. Beautiful in a way that crushes, like something that already feels like it’s slipping away; the tiny meetings of the material and immaterial that become so much more than the sum of their parts until we barely even recognise them at all.

Dan Wriggins’ voice is as compelling as ever before, drifting and dizzy, an unformed pocket of warmth amid the grey surroundings. “You always had a supportive attitude, I don’t care what you say,” Wriggins sings with such a plaintive sigh almost tangible as it weaves in and out of conversation with itself. “I agree with you. Everything came on quickly. Is something wrong? No, never. Now it’s starting to rain. On the only day we have it’s starting to rain.”

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