words by tom johnson

photograph by jeff berkowitz

Perhaps music’s most endearing trait is its ability to not just tie itself to our memories, arm in solid arm, but also to conjure up its own sense of identity; making us miss places we’ve never been to, pine for lives we’ll never get to live. One band who do that just as well as anybody is Friendship, a collective forged in the working gardens of Philadelphia, solidified, over time, by the city, borrowing from both to create music so finely detailed they feel truly lived in from your first meeting.

2017 saw the release of ‘Shock Out Of Season‘, their first full-length on Owen Ashworth’s Orindal Records label and one of the year’s most engaging and beautiful releases, heralded on these pages for the way it “deals in the intangible sadness of relationships (such an oft-tread subject), in ways that feel acutely distinct, and overwhelmingly poignant.”

Led by Dan Wriggins charred, plaintive voice, a gentle husk at the band’s core, Friendship comes gently alive by its surrounding players: Mike Cormier’s steady drums, the tender playing of Peter Gill, Evangeline Krajewski, and Jon Samuels who brew these songs alive in ways learned and felt, stirred from somewhere deep within.

This November, Friendship return with a brand new set of songs, the long-playing Dreamin‘, recorded live to tape with the help of The Low Anthem’s Jeff Prystowsky, released once more by Orindal. Below you can hear the album’s first song, the suitably compelling ‘Clairvoyant’ that lingers with the band’s deep-rooted sadness gently illuminated by the playful brightness at its outer edges. Listen to the song below right now; pre-order the record via the link beneath. Here’s some context from Wriggins himself:

I wrote “Clairvoyant” a couple days after seeing Willie Nelson perform in Camden, New Jersey at the BB&T Pavilion. My friend Mark had won tickets from a radio station, but had to bail the day before, so he gave me the tickets and I went alone. This is only tangentially represented in the action of the song. But I think it’s pertinent given Willie’s (and one or two others’) creepy ability to read minds.”


Dreamin‘ is released in November, via Orindal Records

You can pre-order the album here


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