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“I’ll Be Back”


words by ross jones

London trio Fresh have the sort of personalities that we absolutely love to give time to and get to know. With their first self-titled full-length, the band prove themselves to be honest, unguarded and fervently impassioned – blazing out of the blocks with their boisterous and highly melodious punk that will speak to you comfortably as much as make you dance. Formed by Kathryn, George and Daniel, their LP is set for release next month and from it they’ve shared the life-affirming animation and sheer sincerity of ‘I’ll Be Back’.

Kathryn Woods towers with effectiveness as a vocalist, the clarity that reigns not only in delivery but especially the lyricism confirms the band as having substance and affecting weight to compliment their lingering and subtly shimmering foundations. “I’m hoping these anti-depressants will make me feel a little less anti-depressed, i’ll guess we’ll see”, Kathryn’s resourceful and responsive wordplay is approachable and unintentionally charismatic, summoning the emotional might and function to see through the next day and face the mundanity of everyday with fresh perspective.

Fresh’s self-titled full-length is available from August 18th via Specialist Subject Records. ‘I’ll Be Back’ can be heard for the first time below.





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