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Fog Lake



by tom johnson

Readying a new album that looks set to drape the most compelling of cobwebs across 2017, Fog Lake has shared “Push” from the new “dragonchaser” LP, which arrives on February 10th. Although initially released via Orchid Tapes’ “Radiating Light” compilation last summer, the track has more than enough buried magic in it to make its inclusion on Aaron Powell’s new long-player an utterly vital one.

Resonating that same sense of smoky wonder that has imbued everything he’s created with strikingly nocturnal vibe, “Push” is a tender and evocative telling of time, and people, and places, lost to the never-ending will of the world. “Well tell me why it never made sense, i guess i figured out sooner than later, that love’s just another kind of bliss, someday you’ll come to miss,” Powell sings as the scratchy, lofi backdrop swirls gently around his slumping limbs, all arched poignancy and unyielding disposition.

As compelling as ever, and with many a story still to be told, you can stream “Push” via Fog Lake’s Bandcamp page, where you can also pre-order the new album and hear a couple more tracks from it. Check it out:


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