New Music:


“everybody feels”


words by tom johnson

Perhaps it’s because of our current domestic situation, the perpetual loneliness we find ourselves, but flunkie’s new song “everybody feels” seems to hit all the harder because it sounds like it’s coming from right beside you, not through the speakers of a computer but drifting in amid the surrounding silence.

Taken from a brand new album called pure optimist, which will be released on tape in late May via the brilliant Forged Artifacts label, the song makes for a tender and compelling introduction.

Indicative of the album’s raw but gentle charm, it’s lead single, which is premiering here today, makes for an affecting couple of minutes, the weightlessness of the guitar juxtaposed by flunkie’s emotive vocal, which calls to mind that of Tomberlin’s stark balladry.

It’s raining tonight. It’ll rain all week…” she sings on the song’s opening line, the simple atmosphere found in that imagery spreading across the whole song, smudging the world on the other side of the window, shrinking everything to what’s right in front of us. A delicate first-step that linger for long after; you can stream it below right now and pre-order the forthcoming album here.


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