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New Music:


Soft Jewels


words by tom johnson

The moniker of the Sydney-raised Brooklyn-based Lucinda Hearn, Fieldings have been making subtle waves in the NY scene for a while now, and these small splashes continue to gather pace in the lead up to Hearn’s debut album, Soft Tissue, which is released before the year is out. Drifting somewhere between ambient and dream-pop the album’s lead track, Northern Lights, was a sumptuous introduction, a playfully looped piano winding its way around Hearn’s striking voice which makes a last impression.

Recoiling quite significantly, new track Soft Jewels – which is premiering below today –┬áis beautifully enveloping, equally endearing as what came before while offering something altogether more immersive; the slow-burn nature of the track stripping the project back to its considered skeleton, that aforementioned voice taking the spotlight as the song rolls on, like a fog slowly swallowed by the brightness of the day.

Weightless and wonderful, it’s another evocative and poignant moment from an album that promises to be much the same throughout – check it out below right now.



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