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Federico Albanese

By The Deep Sea


words by tom johnson

It snowed here today, for the first time this winter. Not a lot. Not enough to cover anything, to leave any kind of trace, but enough to shift the colour of the day slightly, to add an extra kind of weight to the world outside the window. In this space, from the quiet of an empty house, watching the weather do its thing in extreme silence outside the window, Federico Albanese’s new track quietly takes its own place, the lead track from his brand new album, By The Deep Sea, gently stirring in to life, the tender piano slowly swelling, building itself up, fragile layer upon fragile layer, as it rolls through it’s beautiful four-minutes.

Released via the Neue Meister label on February 23rd, 2018, the third full-length album from the Italian composer is billed as his “most ambitious, and perhaps most blissful” recording to-date, a deeply personal collection of songs inspired by a path that leads from his mother’s house to a rock by the sea: “It’s pretty much me, translated into music,” he says.

Unveiled below today, By The Deep Sea’s title-track is indeed both ambitious and blissful, the way the initial quietude is built upon, with painstaking precision, is beautifully compelling; the resulting, more forceful second-half of the track offering one of the most immediately spellbinding instrumental compositions we’ve heard all year; projecting images of a path, along a coastline, that we’ve never even seen; the resonance of deep familial ties and all that means.

You can pre-order the new album via the link below – and listen to the new track right here:

Pre-order the new album here



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