New Music:

Falcon Jane

Go With The Flow


words by tom johnson

Readying their third full-length record, Falcon Jane’s new song is a tug-of-war of sorts, that age-old battle between doing what we’re told to do and what we want to do, and the messy middle-ground that exists as the fall-out, as the defeated, solemn space where we’re left to rue the world and get on with our lives regardless.

Fronted by Sara May, who pitches herself as a “candid, virgo, stoner-songwriter”, the stirring, but tremendously subtle new track is released today via its bright and enigmatic new video, a bold and colourful piece with is somewhat juxtaposed by the wilting song it takes as its soundtrack. “I try to get by on my own; all I know is I’m as low as it goes…and I used to it…” May sings, with a heavy-hearted quietness, as the somewhat more lurid set-pieces play out alongside. It makes for a striking balance, a similar contrast to the song’s sentiments; captivating throughout, nonetheless.

Check it out below right now. The track is the first to be released from Falcon Jane‘s upcoming Feelin’ Freaky LP which will be released this summer. Here’s what Sara May had to say about it:

“Go With The Flow is the ultimate chill out song for freaky, anxious, over-thinkers like me. This is my fave Falcon Jane song right now, so I wanted the video to feel very personal to me. I directed, produced and edited the video and it’s basically about me chillin’ in my small town doing things that relax me and make me feel cool.”



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