New Music:

Emma Tricca

“Julian’s Wings”


words by tom johnson

The lead track from Emma Tricca’s brand new album, released in April, is a song of two-sides. On one hand it’s a beautiful soundtrack to travel, not only because it was inspired by such a thing but also because the subtle, underlying rhythm of the percussion feels distinctly like motion, the repetitive nature of wheels against road and rail, of an ever-shifting display of scenery rolling alongside the window. But it also feels beautifully still, like a bird caught in the wind; like watching a train rattle on to some indistinct place from the quietness of our own space.

Wrapped inside a stunning video which only further enhances the needling, senses-prickling evocation of “Julian’s Wings”, the whole project is lent even further weight by the news that its accompanying full-length album St Peter was “created with a cast of supporting artists” which includes such luminaries as Judy Collins, ‪Sonic Youth’s ‪Steve Shelley and Dream Syndicate guitarist Jason Victor.

A gently striking introduction to what promises to be one of the season’s most expressive and poignant releases, you can watch the new video below right now.


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