New Music:

Emily Yacina



words by tom johnson

Colouring the world even with her most ephemeral compositions. Emily Yacina has released another three new songs via her Bandcamp page, following on from the beautiful stand-alone track, ‘Flower‘, which she unveiled back in December. Released as ‘katie‘, the three new tracks are delicate and bruised, flickering in the kind of soft light that you only notice just when the day is about to depart.

“Where are all the certainties I knew? You’re a story that I tell too soon,” she sings on the beautifully reflective first track, ‘good graces’, sounding something like a Frankie Cosmos jam faded by a winter that just goes on and on. ‘so easy’ is the tangibly slight centre-piece, a little 83-second strum that beautifully reflects the giddy wooziness of newness; “On the train with you speeding through my year you hold my heart still how’d you find me here?”

It’s the closing track which gives this gem of a release its name, and ‘katie’ is equally transfixing, the pin-point lyricism masked by the plaintive sigh that the songs exists as, like the wilted follow-up to what came just before. Made all the more alluring by the ambiguity that winds its way through the images detailed by Yacina’s subtle, soft-centred voice, it lingers long after the silence has replaced the quiet, nothing left save for a small shift in the atmosphere, a weight that wasn’t there before. Listen below.




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