New Music:

Emily Yacina



words by tom johnson

Amid the swell of holiday-focused songs released at the end of each year, there are always a couple of songs that, devoid of sugar-coated cliches, unintentionally come to soundtrack the season, that weird space between the timely reminder of another year done and dusted and the underlying poignancy that sits like a shadow for a number of people.

With its hazy sense of longing and ambiguity, Emily Yacina’s subtle new track might well be such a thing over the coming weeks, the tender new track released as a stand-alone track today, and following on from her wonderful ‘Heart Sky’ LP, released in September and still holding a sense of half-buried magic within. “In your dream I am lovely, I pull the flower from your mouth,” Yacina sings in the opening line, immediately transporting us in to a nightly world of half-thought make-believe, real situations skewed by our inability to interact and steer them in the direction we want: “What’s the sound from the hall? You think I should let it in?”

Eminently pretty but with a density pulled from skewed sleeping worlds out of our control, ‘Flower’ is a suitably lovely new cut – and you can stream it below right now.




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