New Music:

Emily Yacina



words by tom johnson

photograph by caroline pigou

Looks closely enough and you can usually find some form of beauty in sadness. Emily Yacina knows this. Her music is so often a tender merging of these two extremes, gorgeous pieces of with faint cracked lines of melancholy. Released in early December, Yacina’s new album Remember The Silver offers her most arresting work to-date. Recorded with Eric Littmann – who plays with Julie Byrne and has produced a sring of equally fascinating long-players – the record is a late-comer to 2019 but certainly one of the year’s finest long-players.

Lead song ‘Gleaming‘ was an intricate introduction, an ode to allowing yourself to let go, and new track ‘Bleachers‘, which you can hear here today for the first time, again focuses on the self, but this time with even more intimacy. “This song is about how people can stay in your life for a long time,” Yacina explains, “and how losing them can feel like losing a part of your own identity.”

A deft swirl of strummed guitar, playful basslines, and shuffling percussion, ‘Bleachers‘ places Yacina’s voice and sentiments front-and-centre, the candidness of her character possessing the spirit of a short-story, everything falling into place in an instant, so that the effects of the spell it casts lingers long after its two-and-a-half minutes are over.

Remember The Silver is released on December 6th – with a release show at Brooklyn’s Union Pool the following day – and can be pre-ordered via the link below right now. Listen in to ‘Bleachers’ right here:

Preorder link


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