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Elna Rae



words by tom johnson

You immediately know where you are with Elna Rae’s ‘Dexter’, perhaps even before you’ve even heard a note of their subtle, intricate gem of an EP. Pastel-coloured Bandcamp page and artwork alone is another to give off a hint of summer pining which veins its way through all of the four tracks here; each number buoyed by a radiant sense of discovery that can lend itself to poignancy as quickly and easily as it can to simple radiance.

The opening two tracks are the longest here, and the most refined, creeping through eminently pretty terrains, all wavering guitar lines and vocals which blend languidness with a glowing sense of discovery, like still, golden mornings where you can positively smell the sense adventure. “Turkish Silvers” sees the pace ramped up a little, the dream-pop tendencies of their work delivered with an extra bite, an extra sense of focus, as the guitars jangle ruggedly against the still-plaintive vocals.

The most emphatic track here, “Sonic” closes proceedings and is similarly endearing to what precedes it, a beautiful concoction of restless instrumentation and laments of “wasting the day away”. In other hands these songs could feel like empty attempts at capturing intangible sentiments that often wind their way in to pop writing, here though they feel like the snapshot of a band who absolutely feel the things they write and sing about; an authentic glimpse in to heart of the summer with all the falling in and out that comes with such a thing. Check it out below.



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