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Can’t Wait


words by tom johnson

While there are many threads to Dryspell’s patchwork of experience – vocalist Hunter Thompson plays in White Reaper, while bassist Samuel Jacobson has worked with GFP-faves Hovvdy – these strands are secondary to the music they make here, guitarist Chad Doriocourt and drummer Hugh Vu, the four combining their talent to make suitably moody and melodramatic rock and roll, the kind that seems somewhat buried under the cloud it produces for itself.

New track ‘Can’t Wait’, released today and streaming below, precedes their debut which gets a full release on March 1st, and retains the same sense of quiet, brooding tension as its predecessor ‘You Without Me’, the song rarely shifting its weight as it rolls through its tenderly-crafted four minute, taking in somewhat gloomy vocals that aren’t dark as much as they simply feel faded by an unrelenting sun. Despite this, the track never feels wholly defeated, the bright little flecks of guitar adding to the melancholy but just buoyant enough to see a resolution somewhere off in the far distance.

Another endearing effort, that could quite well sit as some somber soundtrack to a summer yet to be explored, you can check the new track out below right now.

Their debut comes out March 1st via Roll Call Records, an imprint of Highland Park



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