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“In 4”


words by tom johnson

A hidden gem of last year, Wild Pink’s John Ross was responsible for one of 2017’s key ambient releases, his Bridge Music LP offering a beautiful departure from the rush of the day. Fast-forward a number of months, and Ross returns once more with a brand new split digital single with Connor Hanwick’s (The Drums) Dondadi outfit, whose own work includes the January-released ‘Atm World’ LP which suitably sits as one of 2018’s buried treasures.

Released via Tiny Engines at the end of April, the release shimmers slowly in to focus today with the sharing of Dondadi’s portion of the project; the exquisite and meandering “In 4”. Influenced by the likes of Fennesz, Hanwick crafts subtle and warped layers on his latest work, the signature composition playing out like a soundtrack to a journey around a fascinating new world that’s never before been explored. The shifts and progressions are minimal and meticulous, leaning away from the club-like aesthetics of previous work and in to far more exploratory realms; an excursion full of wonder.

You can listen to all of In 4’s absorbing seven-minutes below right now; here’s what Connor himself had to say about the track:

“The first section of β€œIn 4” is a generative piece in which four microphones are placed around a room with a speaker that emits a low level sine wave set to the resonant frequency of the room itself. Over time feedback loops create a melodic theme. The second section is for four pianos playing the same motif in (compositional) phase β€” each one is recorded at a different speed.”

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