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New Music:

Derek Ted

The Actress


words by tom johnson

Every now again we get sent a piece of music that can’t be neatly ribbon-bowed with words, leaving an imprint on our day for reasons that we can’t really define but, like the majority of our favourite songs, just does.

A slow-burning, somewhat nocturnal undertaking, the new track from Derek Ted is one such moment, immediately burrowing its way in to the darker places of your own psyche and sitting there, gnarly and somewhat uncomfortable, but wholly captivating regardless.

Taken from a forthcoming new release – the “hidden thoughts mixtape” EP – Derek is a friend of GFP-fave Field Medic and his work shares the same sense of detached unravelling as Kevin Sullivan, the slow-burn nature of the track, which drifts between dark country balladry and something altogether more nuanced. Shaped most pertinently by the simmering atmosphere which makes this more than just a piece of music, something, also, that prickles the senses, that builds shapes and worlds in the listening conscience, ‘The Actress’ is a dense and shaded four-minutes or so – and we’re very pleased to unveil it below today.

The full EP is released at the end of the week – dig in to its spellbinding lead track right here:


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