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Dear Nora

Skulls Example


words by tom johnson

Orindal Records – responsible for a number of our very favourite records over the past couple of years – are following up last year’s re-release of Dear Nora’s cult 2004 Mountain Rock LP with the news that Katy Davidson will release a brand new album this year, with ‘Skulls Example‘ being released via the label at the end of May; preceded today by brand new track “Sunset On Humanity”, the first taste of the album, which was written between 2009 an 2017.

“Skulls Example is about how our weird, techno-futuristic present (VR, self-driving cars, drones, Tinder dates, reality TV show government, Starbucks ubiquity, iPhone as extension of human body, Blade Runner-esque income inequality, cryptocurrency “utopias”, etc.) juxtaposes so absurdly against the never-ending backdrop of inexorable, ancient elements (fire, ice, wind, storms, mountains, rocks, human instinct, etc),” Katy Davidson says of the new record. “We’re simultaneously so brilliant and so basic. To me, this feels like the worst and best time to be alive. I experience some level of horror and bliss on a daily basis.”

Streaming below right now, the first glimpse of the record makes good on those sentiments, drifting beautifully through its two-and-a-half minutes, the hazy nature of the recording almost masking the subtle listlessness of the lyrics that carry a weight of senseless wandering, of people lost in the strange void between here and the digital world. Most notably, the track is a beautifully intriguing introduction to Davidson’s new work – check it out below right now, and read a new interview with them over at The Fader.



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