New Music:

Dana Sipos

Lily in the Window


words by tom johnson

One feels that in a dusty room somewhere quiet and isolated, surrounded by woods, Lily In The Window, the stunning new track fromĀ Dana Sipos, simply rolls on and on, never finding the end-point that it does here, but pouring delicately forth in to the ether, waiting for some other, more substantial force, to bring it to a close. Delicate, slightly strange, and completely mesmerising, the new track is another glimpse inside Sipos’ forthcoming Trick Of The Light LP, a new collaborative effort with experimental producer Sandro Perri which is released next month and also features a guest-turn from the inimitable Mary Margaret O’Hara.

While the song itself might exude a sense of dense separation, the story itself is more human, the song telling the story of Dana’s “anarchist theatre outfit enduring hurricane season in Florida, but playing on nonetheless.” Exquisitely composed, the intricacy of the production so subtly underpinning everything you barely notice it all, ‘Lily In The Window’ is all grace and strangeness, that stirring lead voice haunting and hypnotic, like a oddity you can’t quite place, only leading you to stare harder and longer until the whole thing starts to blur even more, faded lines in to faded lines until you simply allow yourself to be swallowed by it.

The full album is released on May 18th, via Roaring Girl Records; listen to the new track, Lily In The Window, which we’re extremely pleased to share here today.



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