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words by tom johnson

photograph by sofia alvarez

Billed as “a whimsical trio of childhood friends”, which has such a nice ring to it we thought to steal it for ourselves, NYC’s Cutouts released their debut EP last year, a charming collection of lofi pop songs released to the world as “Baby Blue Suede” which saw them gain a steady underground following, matching the somewhat secretive nature of the group. Unveiled below today, new track Habits is an unreleased jam from that project, and is being released to coincide with a new tape, Loosies, which will collate the aforementioned EP on cassette tape, alongside a spread of outtakes, demos, and b-sides.

Available to pre-order now (link below), the new tape is introduced by “Habits”, a suitably enigmatic couple of minutes that’s indicative of the hazy, warped nature of the band’s craft. Led by a wilting voice, drained by the heat of summer, the new track gently burrows its way in to your consciousness, the skewed, subtle guitar lines matching with that voice to create a funny little world of its own, intangible and atmospheric, always one-step out of sync with our own.

Both charming and disarming, it’s a sweet reminder of Cutouts’ slow-mo vision; a timely reminder ahead of the new release. Check out the new song below right now.

Pre-order the new ‘Loosies’ collection here

It’s released on February 23rd, via Invertebrate Music 



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