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Club Night



by tom johnson

We haven’t checked, but one assumes that their are a whole bunch of musical-makers who go by the name of Club Night, 95% of which will no doubt be delivering various different versions of the same EDM/deep house pop tracks that mean nothing to anyone. Funny then that Oakland’s five-piece of the same name arrive this week with one of the brightest bouts of guitar-ish pop we’ve heard in a long time, rattling through the three-minutes of new track ‘Rally’ with a contagious spirit that might well prove to be one of the summer’s defining new arrivals.

Pulled together from various Oakland bands (including Meat Market, Twin Steps, Sad Bitch, CARE, Our Brother the Native), the band’s debut single is a thrilling tour-de-force, initially weird and warped but soon leaping in to full-blooded, utterly wonderful life with a glowing flip-of-the-switch, the musical equivalent of being swept of your feet by someone new and thoroughly interesting that leaves you trailing in their wake but you follow diligently, excitedly regardless.

Packing a punch that seems to swell with each passing moment, “Rally” makes for a truly glorious introduction to their sound. Debut EP ‘Hell Ya‘ is out next month; rest assured we’ll be following them wherever they go; perhaps their most compelling characteristic is that could anywhere at all. Check them out below right now.

‘Hey Ya’ is released in August, via Tiny Engines



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