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words by tom johnson

Cloud’s slow-burning, wonderfully evocative Comfort Songs, which first introduced us to Tyler Taormina’s work, took on a great affinity with the Autumn. Not just because it’s stand-out moment took its name from the season (“Cars & It’s Autumn“) but the music, too, seemed tinged with that same kind of end-of-summer wilt that manages to resonate so deeply with so many of us. Quietly, assuredly, reaching more and more ears and hearts, Tyler Taormina’s wholesome debut record seemed to spread like ivy, clinging to trees and buildings and finding its way to the shaded corners that needed it the most.

It’s been almost five years since the release of Comfort Songs, but the season’s come and go like clockwork and 2015 brough us its follow-up, the kaleidoscopic pop offering of Zen Summer, and now, with patient pleasure, we can share the first new track from its much-anticipated follow-up, with “Wildfire” offering the first glimpse inside brand new album Plays With Fire, which will be released, once again, via Audio Antihero, on March 9th. And, if its predecessors covered autumn and summer by association and design, then this is the blustering stride in to the new year, a layered and lush collection of spop songs that instantly stir.

Led by Taormina’s brooding, glowing vocal, the new track is underpinned by a bedrock of dizzying production, playful bass notes, and shuffling percussion, all of which seem to bind themselves seamlessly to that lead voice, like a marching band in procession, following the leader that dictates the whole thing. “Every light’s racing towards the ends of everything.” the track professes, and rarely has such a thing sounded as jubilant and vivid as it does here. So, welcome back, Cloud; the world’s a little warmer with you around no matter which season we find you in.

Check out the new song below right now.

‘Plays With Fire’ LP is released on March 9th, via Audio Antihero



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