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Hardly Art


words by tom johnson

A ravaging cut from their new album, All This Will Be, which is released on January 19th via the triple-threat attack of Lauren Records, Conditions, and Middleman Records, Closer’s “Hardly Art” is indicative of the powerful prowess of their craft; a heavy-hitting three-and-a-half minutes that blows away any new year’s cobwebs you might have lingering around.

Like all of the most memorable melodic-hardcore acts, Closer offer little glimpses of light and restraint amid the burgeoning darkness, working little aspects of their other band’s work in to the mix; all three members also play with Real Life Buildings, whose ‘Significant Weather‘ LP landed a heavy blow with us back in the early portions of 2017.

“All I want is something familiar,” bellows drummer Ryann slauson from the song’s fiery outset – a line she repeats throughout –  the punch of the instrumentation met with the rabid gusto of that gnarly, powerful lead voice that drags the whole thing forward, through its cascading landscapes, all immense peaks and considered troughs.

Check it out below right now.

‘All This Will Be’ is released on January 19th

You can pre-order it here


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