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Chris Reimer

Waving Goodbye From a Tree


words by tom johnson

photograph by chris reimer

For those who fell for the striking, dense art-rock of Women, the untimely passing of Chris Reimer still resonates deeply, some five years down the line. There were other projects too, of course, with Reimer joining The Dodos after Women decided to split following a rocky tour at the end of 2010. It’s his work with the former that sits as his legacy, however, those furious, gnarly guitar-and-white-noise patterns as visceral now as ever before.

Unveiled a little later this year, Hello People is a new 2xLP collection of the ambient, noise, and drone compositions he left behind. “Reimer had an excitement for electronics and their manipulation of sound,” the press release says, “frequently constructing his own effects pedals and synthesizer circuits. Noise making was his driving force and he longed to eventually compile a full album from his plethora of material.”

While there’s bound to be so much to investigate and work-through – the double album has taken some five years to pull together – new track “Waving Goodbye From A Tree” offers the first glimpse inside the new project, and it’s a refined and captivating entry-point, a subtle three-minutes based around a gentle swathe of guitars and swirling ambience that prickles the senses.

The PR goes on to say: “Hello People is a sometimes confrontational, at others warm and intimate, and always deeply personal document from a multi­faceted artist, compiled from a huge range of recordings spanning lush four­ track projects to raw phone memos. Veering from ambient guitar­ pedal soundscapes, to delicate acoustic melody and all the way to drone noise experimentation, Hello People takes the listener through an experience of composition and creation from the mind of a deeply talented spirit whose vision was cut short all too soon.”

Stream the new track below right now.

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