New Music:

Charly Bliss



by ross jones

Charly Bliss craft totally effervescent power pop with the reality of resolute affirmations, the sort of songs that you can scream from the bottom of your lungs as you bounce off the mattress on the floor for the 67th time and finally feel worth something, as you damn right should. Guppy, their first full-length, is out in April through Barsuk, and “Glitter” is a gleaming firework of a hit that thrives in encompassing everything that the group stand for; a compelling sound with unfaltering discernment.

Pushing their mellifluous melodies into the stratosphere, the group blast through winding rhythms with tender synths, underneath unafraid to put themselves out there in the utmost hope of finding some essence of comfort in the end. Eva Hendrick’s incisive wordplay is as self-depreciatingly biting as it is confrontational to the cause, an intuitive balance of introspection and perception of others that adds a wealth of forceful captivation to their already engaging sound.

Listen to Glitter below, via NPR.

Charlie Bliss release Guppy on April 21st on Barsuk Records


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