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“Why Were You Alone”


words by ben tipple

“Why were you alone,” West London four-piece BOYS ask with ambiguity on the latest track to emerge from their aptly titled forthcoming Dreamland EP. As the hazy soundscape unfolds, with vocalist Ross Pearce’s tones blending into the lofty instrumentals, the question takes on a new shape. Far from accusatory or judgemental, the track offers the perfect soundtrack to deliberate isolation.

Conjuring images of a desert island, BOYS have carefully crafted music to get lost to. It’s dream-pop at its best. Otherworldly and escapist, the track swirls around celestial guitars and understated drums. Without confines, the song drifts into a dreamy expanse. For four minutes it’s possible to get lost on a beach, staring out towards the blue-sky horizon. With it, it carries a rejuvenating power, one presented in a beautifully carefree package.

Because really, being alone isn’t all too bad when you’ve got BOYS to keep you company.


Dreamland will be available from September 15



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