New Music:


“End of Time”


words by tom johnson

There’s something extra special about seeing a project flourish; following the roots of it and seeing it blossom in to glorious new life. Nora Karlsson’s work as Boys, which we’ve previously covered on the site, always had the potential to grow up and out of the lofi confines that shaped her initial work, and so it proves to be the case on “End Of Time”, the striking lead track from Karlsson’s debut album, which will be released later this year via PNKSLM.

Creeping in to the world via initial tentative steps, her sweet vocal surrounded by bird sounds, the new track soon and suddenly bursts in to life, a thumping percussive spine sending the whole thing in to whole new pastures, as the track pours forwards for the rest of it’s four-and-half minutes. Despite the buoyant nature of the instrumentation, it’s Karlsson’s voice which remains the most endearing aspect, the track finding an absolute balance between the aesthetics of her previous work and the new psych-tinged territories she’s exploring here.

An exciting, endearing first glimpse in to the new record, you can stream “End Of Time” below right now; debut LP Rest In Peace is out May 11th, via PNKSLM Recordings and you can pre-order it here.



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