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words by tom johnson

With just a couple of days to go before the release of Blushing’s emphatic new EP, the Texan duo are sharing another choice-pick from it today in the form of the sumptuous “Bound”; a three-and-a-half minute burst of tender, enveloping pop music that is indicative of the charm that underpins their otherwise gnarly sound.

While the unique fact that the band is made-up of two husband-and-wife combos might have threatened to outshine the music itself, Blushing dismiss such an idea by simply making emphatically solid shoegaze/dream-pop, the kind of swirling, dreamy compositions that life you out of your own world for however long they decide to stick around.

Where the previously heard “Weak” – the EP’s opening track – offered one aspect of their work, often refined and scaled-back, new track “Bound” is altogether more immersive, a beautiful swell with occasional spikes of melodrama, reminiscent of Cocteau Twins in their headier, more alluring moments. Check it out below right now; grab a pre-order, via Austin Town Hall Records, and preview two other tracks from it right here.



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