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‘Daisy Chain’


words by tom johnson

As with all of these things there are details both pertinent and necessary, all of which will fall in to shadows by the time you listen to the music they relate to. And so we can tell you that Blush is the recording project of Maura Lynch, formerly of NYC-darlings, Darlings, who, after a number of years with said band, began to arrange her own solo recordings, resulting in Blush, a new project that brings those songs to life with Pop. 1280’s Andy Chugg and Nick Campolo and Jon Campolo of Pill.

Amid that context, however, lies the music and, in Daisy Chain, Blush arrive with beautiful immediacy, the lead track from their forthcoming new album on Arrowhawk, set to arrive before the end of the year, drifting in and out within a couple of minutes but leaving a tender impression that lingers for far longer than that, subtly changing the space around the listener as Lynch’s voice takes a hold. “All your dreams are real to me,” Lynch dream-like voice sings atop of understated chugging guitars that keep the whole thing rolling forwards.

Described by Lynch as “one of the breeziest, most fun music-making experiences I’ve ever had”, that sense of comfort and familiarity is as apparent as it is compelling, the track evocatively sitting like a small pocket of warmth in an otherwise grey world. Most importantly, however, the whole thing still feels readily significant; a┬ásubtle but wonderful taster of a suitably special record.

Check out ‘Daisy Chain’ below right now, via Bandcamp.



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