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words by tom johnson

There’s an elegant sway to the music of Blois that instantly compels. It’s there from the first second of their new EP: the skittering percussion, lilting guitars, and Alli Rogers’ bewitching lead voice spreading a charm that grips and then lingers through each of the five songs here.

Known as Truly until very recently, changing their name after threats from a 90’s grunge band from Seattle, the band’s “Lake” EP is out now on the Quinton’s Fun Records label, and makes for a beautifully detailed fifteen minutes of sparkling guitar pop. The aforementioned lead track is perhaps the gleaming highlight, but the same shimmering quality of that composition lends itself to the remaining four numbers too; “Peach” growing from a delicate opening in to something altogether more urgent.

Elsewhere “Water” offers the most compelling instrumental, varying tones and colours disrupting the straightforward nature, like a half-remembered dream brought to life in the cold light of day, while “Stainless Steel” is a suitably icy follow-up, the clouded, reverberating guitars parting just long enough to let a little light in.

And let light it in really does; a glowing fifteen minutes that will lift you out of whichever greyed and cracked spread of modernity you find yourself lost within. Stream it in full here:


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