New Music:

Birds Of Passage

“The Love Song”


words by tom johnson

photograph by fiona jopp

Framed, somewhat, by that foreboding artwork, “The Love Song” is a new track from Birds Of Passage forthcoming album, and hangs as something strikingly weightless, an atmospheric meditation with a mesmerising sense of balance, the whole thing always on the verge of dissipating in to the surrounding fog at any given moment.

The project of Alicia Merz, Birds Of Passage’s new album is called The Death of Our Invention, her first work in four years, and is released on April 6th via the renowned ambient/alternative label Denovali Records. Promising to bring together “elements of dark-pop, broken-folk, and isolated ambience”, the new track, which is unveiled below today, certainly makes good on such sentiments, the sense of both space and solitude a palpable aspect of the song throughout its three-and-a-half minutes.

Most pertinently shaped by Merz’s striking voice, which settles and broods and occasionally takes a leap of faith, the track gently unravels above barely-there instrumentation which ripples, and jitters, like a storm forming way off in the distance, like electricity compressed until all that’s left is the threat. Tender and beautifully evocative, The Love Song is one of those moments that seems to change the space around you; a quiet revelation that splits your day in half. You can listen to it below right now.



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