New Music:

Bill Waters



words by tom johnson

There’s always been a sense of weightless wandering to the music that Bill Waters makes. Which isn’t to say that it’s fragile, at all, more that it seems to occupy a space we so often save for ourselves; for mental escapades, for escapism, pure and true. Latest single ‘Pure’ follows this oft-treaded path and it once again seems to capture the intangible, carving out a little nook in the day where this heavy old world doesn’t have quite the same impact it does in the immediate before.

Dreamlike and wistful, Pure, which is unveiled today, below, is lifted from a new six-song release, ‘Honey Hi’, via the excellent Forged Artifacts label, and follows on from 2017’s equally-delectable ‘Humid’ EP – itself one of our favourite extended plays of that calendar year.

Gently lit with languid, meandering guitar, the track is spruced up for these warming new months with an underbelly of colourful, playful instrumentation that injects a little energy into its walk, a little spring in its step. And it really does feel fit for the seasons, the little glimmers of sunlight that the breezy swagger of the song’s demeanour generates, acting like the first post-winter rays of sunshine falling upon a face, a serene – and much-needed – reminder that everything rolls on regardless, that the path carries on, that new things are on the way.

Listen below right now – and pre-order the new EP via Bandcamp here.



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