New Music:

Bent Denim



words by tom johnson

photograph by ben davis

There’s an extremely fine line between capturing the dullness of a day and simply presenting something dull. So extreme, in fact, that it’s not something you can particular pin-point, rather it has to be felt, to be sat with a while to find where it takes you, where it leads your thoughts. “Idiot” is the new track from Bent Denim and while it makes for a flat and grey three-minute space, over time it becomes something quietly but strikingly pretty; the tempered sound of listlessness articulated rather beautifully indeed.

Taken from the duo’s new¬†album ‘Town and Country’. which is released on May 11th, the new track is almost hypnotically tender, and it’s no surprise to hear that it was informed by the idea of childhood and memories and the space such things leave behind. Slurred and suffocating, the whole thing plays out like some filmic half-dream sequence, where the weight of an afternoon sends us spiralling back to rarely visited recollections of youth, the distance between then-and-now leading to the kind of yearning nostalgia that can quickly put paid to the rest of the day.

Tenderly handled, and all the more alluring for the blurred gaps it’s happy to reveal, “Idiot” is a captivating next-step, and one that adds even greater intrigue to the forthcoming new record. Stream it below right now.




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