New Music:

Beach House

Lemon Glow


words by tom johnson

Under the cover of darkness, Beach House returned last night with “Lemon Glow”, the apparent first track to be released from their what will be their seventh studio album – and their first new music since the 2015 double-header of Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars. Though no further details have been confirmed at this stage; the band shared the song via a post on the band’s Instagram account, alongside the news that the record is “due out later this Spring”.

While the swooning, hazy lead vocals are totemic of the band’s previous work, there are subtle difference here that makes the whole thing stand-out. The voice is somewhat buried to begin with, an almost shoegaze like aura to the way it remains buried under the mix. Musically, too, Lemon Glow approaches new shades of dark, the chugging undercurrent, and occasional throb of unsettled noise lending the song a darkness, a tangible imbalance, that captures the imagination, drawing the listener inside a world that is recognisable but never comfortable, like a hidden room you never even noticed was there.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news as it arrives – and check out the new song below right now.



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