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words by tom johnson

Every once in a while a debut single arrives so elegant and fully-formed it’s hard to believe that there was nothing else before it. Newcomers Barrie, and their sparkling first track “Canyons“, is one such occasion, however, a beautifully crafted dream-pop effort which is has arrived out of the ether, marking what we imagine will prove to be a wholly significant arrival.

Channeled through the ever-rewarding Winspear label (Hoops, Kevin Krauter) Barrie are a five-piece who have traveled from many different corners of the globe to wind up in NYC and the three-and-a-half minutes of their debut track is the most alluring of calling-cards, the subtle shimmer of the instrumentation, which occasional leaps in to far more redolent life, matched in style and sustenance by a gorgeously hazy lead voice that adds a sense of humane wonder to the glitzy nature of its surface noise.

And, for now, that’s all we have; a little moment of grace amid the downbeat bluster of the season; a little chink of magical light to bathe in. Check it out below.



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