New Music:


“Home, Sweet Home”


words by ross jones

Sweeping in on a wave of power chords and honest self relection, Boston-based Kaley Honeycutt introduces her new solo project BABY!. All set to release a debut EP titled Pick Me early next month via Yellow K Records, the bouncing first single “Home, Sweet Home” is a thrashy but romantically warm two minutes that is hook-heavy and has underlying bite to its fuzzy foundations.

Led by Honeycutt’s sincere transparency, BABY! swims with a great level of brazenness and desire, their guitar-pop aesthetics imbued with an unruffled potency. It’s irresistible in melody and resolute in perception – warm hooks thickening the fierce roots as Honeycutt delivers with a deadpan nuance. The convivial approach taken belies what lies underneath, you sense a melancholic void that Honeycutt is attempting to piece back together – in doing so being able to craft heart-worn pop with a meaningful core.

Pick Me is available from April 11th via Yellow K Records


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