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words by tom johnson

The most definitive act of nominative determinism, Angel Olsen’s new/unreleased track ‘Special‘ is boldly and brilliantly that – a wholly exceptional seven-and-a-half minute jam that immediately takes its place among her most endearing compositions; recorded during the sessions for last year’s brilliant My Woman LP and released in to the world today alongside the news of a brand new rarities collection to be released before the end of the year.

Titled ‘Phases’, the new album is released on November 10th via Jagjaguwar and gathers together twelve recordings that span from her 2010 Strange Cacti EP to the aforementioned full-record that won so many hearts and plaudits upon its release last year.

Announced today with the sharing of two songs – SpecialĀ andĀ Fly On Your Wall, which was originally released via the Our First 100 Days protest project – the new album is available to pre-order now.

It’s the latter of those two tracks which we’re focusing on here, however, and Special is a colossal undertaking, a simmering, brooding number that digs its heels in from the outset and never lets up, expanding, exquisitely across its broad running time, Olsen’s sumptuous voice as wildly intoxicating as ever.

Check out the wonderful new song below right now – here’s the full track-listing for the Phases LP:

1. Fly On Your Wall
2. Special
3. Only You
4. All Right Now
5. Sans
6. Sweet Dreams
7. California
8. Tougher Than the Rest
9. For You
10. How Many Dreams
11. May as Well
12. Endless Road

Pre-order ‘Phases’ here



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