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All Get Out

“However Long”


words & interview by tom johnson

photograph by nick karp

However long it’s gonna be, I can always guarantee I miss you,All Get Out’s Nathan Hussey sings with spirited gusto on However Long, a brand new track released today, and preceding a new record which is set to be released before the year is out. A somewhat plaintive statement, given a blustering lease of life thanks to the manner in which its delivered, the aforementioned sentiment forms the first love song that Hussey has ever penned, an unintentional development in his songwriting, brought on by a romantic scene in a sci-fi film.

The resulting track is a heartening burst of affirmation, the tender lyrics filled with colour thanks to the signature prowess of the instrumentation that powers forth from the outset, big slabs of guitar interspersed by little moments of refinement that mirror all the peaks and troughs that come intertwined with love and companionship and the weight of it all.

A powerful three-minutes, the new track makes for a compelling next-step and one that’s talked about in more detail via the a new interview with Nathan that we’re also sharing below. Scroll a little further down for that, and check out the mighty “However Long” right here:



However Long‘ is being billed as your first real love song – why do you think those sentiments have taken so long to creep in to your writing when it’s such a common trope elsewhere?

I’ve never considered myself good at it for starters. It’s incredibly difficult to do it and feel creative about it and for an issue of such great importance it deserves to be well crafted. It’s up to the listener I guess but on my end it feels right here.

To go back further, I decided not to start the writing process with my actual life and experiences but to let those details find their way into it naturally. Every song starts with a story from a book or film that got to me. What I found was that eventually the lyrics were saying what I wanted to say but utilizing fiction to say it. I was able to retain the personal nature of All Get Out lyrics and say more than I ever have.

The song was inspired by something you were watching on TV – what is that you saw that stirred something in you?

It was a TV series and I’m not going to say just what it is yet. It’s pretty nerdy. You’ve been warned.

However, I’m a sucker for love stories with tension. The chase and the dissonance just draw me in and stay in mind for long periods of time. I used it as a way to talk about leaving so often for months at a time and how I feel about my relationship and how I’d do anything for her. There are a lot more details but I’d rather the listener dive in.

How quickly did the song come together? Did it change much during that time?

Musically very fast. Kyle (guitar), Dom (drums) and Mike Watts (producer, mix) are incredible musicians and we were on the same page the entire record. Our first real disagreement was track order.

Lyrics are hard for me. I write and throw things away all day long but for the album I would write at night, edit in the morning, sing in the after noon. It forces me to commit and to make better decisions on the spot. Everything here is based on trusting my guts and knowing my team won’t let me put garbage out.

The song was also informed by the amount of time you’ve spent on the road. Have you found that’s got to be more or less easy over time?

It has and it hasn’t. The purpose of being gone has become clearer which is absolutely helpful. The aimless wandering of the past was at times torture. On the other hand I’ve found that I like working at home and alone more than anything. I mix and master albums in a bedroom from 9-5 and I see and talk to my family all day. Surely there’s room for improvement but for all intents and purposes that’s the dream and it’s hard to leave it.

Do you feel enough is done to prepare and help musicians with the toil of being away so much? Is there something else that could be done?

There really is no book on this and to be honest things are a lot different in 2018 than 2007. I used to think that having more money from the start or even just comfort would make it more doable, but to honest I’ve never had that and I’m still trucking along. I think if you really want to do something you’ll find a way. Sacrifices will be made and maybe different from others. Either way it doesn’t change that you’re gone. A lot of your favorite bands are just a DM or email away from answering questions like these so I’d recommend asking.

How indicative of your new record is the more subtle feel of ‘However Long‘?

However Long is the nicest song on the record. The rest is pretty straight forward rock and very upbeat. Definitely not subtle!

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

We’ve got a whole lot of touring we’re going to do and Im going to start writing now. I’ll personally be doing a lot of mixing in between tours as well.



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