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New Music:

Alex G



words by ross jones

When taking the time to scan through his now thorough library of releases with a fine tooth comb, all of Alex Giannascoli’s music – from the bedroom-crafted glimmer of ‘Easy’ to the studio-spun spirit of ‘Beach Music’ – has contained this rich vibrancy that informs each track, whatever direction he decides to partake. So the nature of which new record ‘Rocket’s distinguishing Americana features take form should certainly be celebrated, but perhaps not be surprised by.

As (Sandy) Alex G has proved so many times previously, he is first and foremost a songwriter of underrated significance and substance. ‘Proud’, the latest track to be shared from the forthcoming record – is a enveloping and particularly touching pop song, the type that you would grow up listening to and value more and more with each season and each year that passes. As the warm, bright chords reverberate and glow, Giannascoli poignantly ponders over the anxiety of failure with his particular drawl utterance – loved ones and friends at the very forefront of his mind. It’s another beautifully human turn in scope and sound.

‘Rocket’ is available from May 19th, via Domino


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