New Music:

Ainsley Farrell

“Dark Hours”


words by tom johnson

Recommended via yesterday’s Facebook post from Julia Jacklin, Sydney’s Ainsley Farrell certainly traverses similarly golden ground as Jacklin’s own work, her brilliant new mini album drifting between tender moments of escape and more eerie folk leanings that keep the whole thing wonderfully captivating throughout.

Encapsulated by that album cover which seems to instinctively set the tone for what follows, Dark Hours is a meditative twenty-or-so minutes of music, Farrel’s torch-like voice guiding the way through the darkness of the wooded landscape it helps to craft. Flipping between the rested and the unsettled, opening track “Burning” is a hearty burst of spiky guitars and fiery vocals, a straight-up jam as wholesome as it is endearing, while both the title-track, and powerful stand-out track “Lady Long Hair”, offer up Farrell’s more rootsy side; that aforementioned eeriness quietly brooding in to life as the track rolls on, detailed and┬ácompelling, both musically and otherwise.

A bright and beguiling new record from a special talent, “Dark Hours”, for all of its somewhat mystical sense of vagueness, is a record to climb inside and explore; a most intriguing voice to follow in to the dark.




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