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Adeline Hotel



words by tom johnson

photograph by chris bernabeo

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Never has the need for blissful escape been more pronounced than it is at this moment. Gracious thanks then to Adeline Hotel for extending new song ‘Trace’ from the tight three-minutes it could have been into the spacious jam that sits before us today.

The project of Dan Knishkowy, who is joined on his forthcoming new record by Ben Seretan on guitar, pianist Winston Cook-Wilson (Office Culture), drummer Sean Mullins (Wilder Maker), vocalists Brigid Mae Power and Matt Kivel, and a host of others, Adeline Hotel have always had a knack for subtly endearing soft-rock, and the new Solid Love LP sits as their finest work to-date.

Typified by the new track, which is streaming below from today, the record is a collection of sumptuous melodies, a realm to step inside of and be immediately absorbed, like a Narnia of the open road. The playing is delicate and pronounced, a gently lit backdrop for Knishkowy to occasionally lay his voice upon, dream-like and melancholy.

“Trace follows a year of transition, bookended by memories within memories, both quiet and cacophonous. Riding bikes through Storm King, picking blueberries while lying on the grass in the rain,” Knishkowy says of the new song. “Recalling that feeling, a year before, at Salvation Mountain, driving by abandoned towns of rusted out cars, watching our spit evaporate before we even finish laughing – moments of uncomplicated joy, the kind to cling to and to create from.”

Both beautiful and intimate, the new song feels like a timely bridge between seasons, a reminder of the world that lies beyond our walls and windows. Listen to it below right now; the full record arrives on May 8th.

Pre-order ‘Solid Love’ here


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