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A Grave With No Name

By The Water’s Edge


words by tom johnson

Alexander Shields is a quiet, tender tour-de-force; an artist who, under his A Grave With No Name moniker, simply keeps on, releasing one album after another, rarely striving for the spotlight but occasionally catching its glow with his beautiful, folk-infused pop songs that subtly shift and grow with each passing release.

Passover, his sixth full-length album, is released next week via his new-found home of Forged Artifacts, and we’re very happy to unveil the final single from it today, in the form of the suitably evocative ‘By The Water’s Edge’ which is streaming below from you today, in all of its reflective persuasion.

A more tightly-knit project than previous records – which saw Shields collaborate with members of Lambchop and Silver Jews, among others – the new record is an intimate and poignant document of contemplation, songs and words that hang like hazy memories that left a distinct impression regardless. Alongside inspired, needly runs of percussion and guitar, Shields tells the story of a relationship remembered, small details like the shape of bones, the surrounding weather, taking on greater significance in the minds eye, as such things always find a way of doing: “I could feel your bones beneath the stones, you’re made of diamonds now, I hope that you can sleep.”

The full album is released on January 19th – get lost in the alluring glow of ‘By The Water’s Edge’ below right now.

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