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words by tom johnson

photograph by jordan edwards

In the foreword to her new album, nasimiYu says that for the first time she has made a body of work that smells like her. Written, recorded, and produced inside her own apartment, as a way of responding to having thrown herself into organising countless, endless BLM events through the summer of 2020, she found a way of beating her longstanding writers block by seeing her music not as work but as ceremony: for herself and her community.

The results are spellbinding. A glorious, glowing pop record, shaped by the traumatic events of last summer and illuminated by her half-Kenyan upbringing which bubbles through these songs.

Released on May 7th via Figureight Records, P O T I O N S is announced today alongside the sharing of its lead, and opening, track “Watercolor”, which we’re excited to share here, below. “Watercolor is about a psychedelic awakening,” nasimiYu says upon its arrival. “It’s about that tender place of vulnerability that’s always hiding behind our outer shell. The song is a celebration of how much bravery it takes to shed our armor and to choose to live in our softness.”

That self-ascribed softness is the song’s heartbeat. Where nasimiYu has previously let loose – from fronting trap-pop duo Baeb Rxxth, to touring as a drummer for the experimental Kalbells and punk trio Sharkmuffin -Watercolor is beautifully refined. Gently folding in on itself for the first 2/3s of the track, all hushed, clipped vocals and fingerclick percussion, before blooming in beautiful colour for the final minute or so, with fascinating new colours and patterns.

Watercolor is about letting myself get all the way to the other side of a good cry, and finding complete elation on the other side,” nasimiYu continues. “Crying as cleansing. Taking an inner shower. This song is about being the opposite of cool, the opposite of nonchalant. It’s about allowing yourself to be as fully human as you can be. Bursting open with every color of the emotional spectrum all at once.”

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