Monday Mixtape

June 27th, 2016


by tom johnson

The less said about the last week the better. Here are a few tracks that are digging deep enough through the mire to slowly, slowly, refocus our minds and energies on what GFP does and what it stands for. In the immortal words of the greatest man to walk this forsaken planet: “Life, uh, finds a way…


Basement Revolver – Words

Lifted from a brand new cassette EP, Ontario’s Basement Revolver follow-up their ‘favourite song of the year’ contender with another wonderfully hearty dose of indie-rock that swathes and swoons in remarkably forceful fashion. Chrisy Hurn’s gleaming vocal and an unshakeable sense of importance make for another beautiful concoction, and we just can’t get enough. Take notice. Now.


Hater – First Time

We’ve lauded enough platitudes on PNKSLM over the last couple of years so we’ll gloss over their impeccable run of form to simply say that this new track from Hater is a gorgeous starting-point; gnarly guitars and an eerily distinct lead vocal that seems to diver the entire day down some unexpectedly clouded pathway. The whole EP is released on July 8th.


Helms Alee – Tit To Toe

…because sometimes you need a hefty, powerful boom of a voice to breakthrough that weird void in-front of your face and tear you a proverbial new one. The first single, from the fourth album, from Washington State trio Helms Alee does just that; a firestorm of a track and one of the most immersive four-minutes we’ve heard in a long time. Play this one LOUD – the LP is released in September.


Jaunt – Hello

We had the honour of premiering Jaunt’s previous track on these pages, and it’s follow-up is as smoothly compelling as said track, crafting a subtle patchwork of floral, erratic instrumentation and a sumptuous vocal groove that leads the whole thing. Despite feeling like it ends far, far too quickly, it’s an intriguing appetite-whetter for the new EP which comes early July.


forher x Island Fox – Unluck

Obviously and openly influenced by the likes of Baths and Gold Panda, Unluck is a distinct couple of minutes in its own right, thanks in no small part to the clipped-vocal that brings a swooning human voice to otherwise mechanical adventures. It’s a shame it’s not at least three times longer, but there’s a captivating, often beautiful, atmosphere here that makes it a worthwhile trip regardless.


Pardoner – Mercury In Retrograde 

Touring partners of fellow San Fran noisemakers, and current GFP-faves, Plush, Mercury In Retrograde is the closing track on the band’s new EP – a five-track collection that packs one heckuva a punch, mixing weighty slabs of guitar with a distant, almost unnerving lead vocal that hangs formless but furrowed amongst it all.


Lucy Dacus – I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore

Finally, in some rather lovely news, Lucy Dacus, whom we revelled in and raved about earlier this year, has announced that she’s signed to the mighty Matador Records who will re-release her glorious ‘No Burden’ LP and release it physically on September 9th. A new video for stand-out track ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore’ has been released to coincide with the news, she also plays both End Of The Road festival and London’s Old Blue Last in September. Lovely, lovely, lovely stuff; congratulations Lucy.



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