new music:

MJ Lenderman

“Someone Get The Grill Out of the Rain”


words by tom johnson

Though the world that MJ Lenderman builds on his brilliant new album is a distinct landscape all of its own, the building blocks he uses to make are all individually unique. The album’s opening track is five minutes of scorched and sprawling instrumental guitar music, which eventually cedes the spotlight to two far more fleeting moments: the tempered two minutes of “I Ate too Much At the Fair” and the more withdrawn, and ever shorter, ‘Someone Get The Grill Out of the Rain’.

It’s the latter of those two which grabs a short moment in the spotlight today, as the song becomes the first single to be released from said album, which is called Ghost of Your Guitar Solo and is set for release at the end of the month via the ever-reliable arms of Dear Life Records.

A songwriter from Asheville, North Carolina, MJ Lenderman is also known as the guitarist in the country band Wednesday who have previously released on the also-brilliant Orindal Records. This new record is of his own making however and it makes for something of a dizzying journey. Written and recorded in quick fashion, the songs were inspired by a writing exercise conceived by the late David Berman of Silver Jews, which saw Lenderman penning 20 isolated lines a day, before scrapping most of them and preserving a few to be used later.

The result is a record that almost revels in its disjointedness, able to flick between moods like a patchwork of sentiments; sometimes wild and rugged, elsewhere short and subtle. ‘Someone Get The Grill Out of the Rain’ is certainly brief but it conjures the kind of spirit that lingers long after, rousing questions that you know probably won’t have an answer.

Check out the video here, and grab a preorder via the Bandcamp link below from today. The full album is released March 26th.



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