Sunday Slowdown

Episode Thirty-Five

by gold flake paint

An hour or so of quiet music, designed for a Sunday



Hayden Thorpe – Diviner
Aldous Harding – The Barrel
Low Roar – Nobody Loves Me Like You
Current Joy – Kids
Joni Mitchell – Both Sides
Damien Jurado – South
Still Corners – The Trip
Little Ann – Deep Shadows
Radiohead – The Numbers (Live – Paul Thomas Anderson Session)
Heather Woods Broderick – Where I Lay
Mazzy Star – Look On Down From The Bridge
SASAMI – Free (Featuring Devendra Banhart)
Ane Brun – All My Tears
Jackson C. Frank – Milk and Honey
Youth Lagoon – Montana
The Avett Brothers – No Hard Feelings

. . .


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