GFP’s 20 Favourite Songs

of 2018

mixed and curated by tom johnson


Earlier today we shared our twenty favourite songs of 2018. You can read about each of them in greater detail right here, and listen to a full mix featuring each of the tracks below right now


The Innocence Mission – Green Bus

Gia Margaret – Goodnight

Damien Jurado – The Last Great Washington State

Haley Heynderickx – Worth It

Advance Base – Dolores & Kimberly

Tomberlin – Seventeen

Nature Shots – what is the word for when you are screaming and no one can hear?

Natalie Prass – Short Court Style

Foxing – Nearer My God

Devi McCallion and Katie Dey – Be Cool

Lucy Dacus – Pillar Of Truth

Kathryn Joseph – From When I Wake The Want Is

Sun June – Young

Yours Are The Only Ears – Fire In My Eyes

Kississippi – Cut Yr Teeth

Mr Twin Sister – Jaipur

Retirement Party – Are You My Mother?

Mal Devisa – Beauty Is A Friend Of Mine

Illuminati Hotties – Cuff

Black Belt Eagle Scout – Soft Stud

. . .


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