Video Premiere:


“Drink You Dry”


by tom johnson

It feels like something of misgiving that Minihorse’s ‘Big Lack’ EP – released next month via Friendship Fever – is the band’s debut release, for so much of it feels the re-arrival of your favourite band. Like a sucker-punch to the gut, the trio’s darkened power-pop feels resolutely personable and amenable, and nowhere more so than on the brilliantly scuzzy dirge of “Drink You Dry” – and we’re very pleased to unveil the video to said track today.

Flipping between spliced-up live performance scenes and a more narrative-driven counterpoint, the new video is the perfect foil for the tracks near five-minute sonic assault. Dense, heavy, but with a knack for melodic restraint which lends the track a contemplative mood amid the storm, the track is a rousing thwack of guitar-pop that might just lead you to think that you’ve discovered a new favourite band to tie your colours to. Check it out below; the full EP arrives on November 11th.

‘Big Lack’ EP is released on November 11th, via Friendship Fever


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