New music:

Mega Bog



by kezia cochrane

Imbued with a certain hazy, nostalgic charm Mega Bog, the “moniker of song-dribbler Erin Birgy”, leads us through a shimmering sonic dreamscape on new single “Fwee”. Existing entirely in its own realm the track at once feels like a grainy, sun-faded photograph evoking sentimental memories of decades past whilst also decisively carving its own path in the here and now. Birgy’s sultry, dulcet vocals gracefully enunciate her wistful lyrics that meander through glistening melodies and lilting psych-rock guitar.

The nomadic feel to Mega Bog’s dusky tones here is mirrored in the various evolutions the band has undergone in its eight years of existence. Over the course of recording forthcoming album ‘Happy Together’, from which ‘Fwee’ is the first single, Birgy has relocated to New York and gathered her “band of wiggly jazz cartoons”, an apt description for the enchantingly warped pop sounds that emanate from this collective of musicians that includes members from the likes of Big Thief and iji to mention but a few.

A long anticipated follow up to Mega Bog’s 2013 release ‘Gone Banana’ this first fleeting glimpse of the curious and captivating magic in store on their second LP, due out in early February next year, certainly gives something to look forward to for both fans and newcomers to Birgy’s world.

‘Happy Together’ is released on February 3rd, via Nicey Music


photograph by adam gundersheime

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