Max & Laura Braun | While I’m Asleep

by tom johnson

Casting a temper that feels inseparable from the visuals playing out in front you, Germany’s Max & Laura Braun today unveil a compelling new video for brand new single ‘While I’m Asleep’ – the first track to be taken from their fast-approaching new record ‘Highwire Haywire‘ which will arrive on March 6th, via Interbang Records.

As a piece of music, ‘While I’m Asleep‘ is somewhat staggering in the quiet sense of evocation it projects; slow-crawl vocals that feel subdued and apathetic, coupled with tender waves of instrumentation which ably bolster the prevailing atmosphere. Taken as a whole, however, the entire piece is almost over-bearingly powerful. Black-and-white images, filmed by Laura Braun herself, add a further layer of depth to the piece, a weighty sense of foreboding that feels powerfully disarming.

A beautifully adept introduction, you can watch the new video exclusively below.

‘Highwire Haywire’ is released on March 6th, via Interbang Records



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