First Listen:

Male Bonding



by tom johnson

Well now. For all the surprise album releases that the last couple of years have thrown-up, perhaps it’s this one that matters the most. It does to me, and it might well do for you. Five years since the release of previous record, Endless Now, and six since their thrilling debut, Nothing Hurts (both released no Sub Pop), the fucking essential, endlessly-worthy Male Bonding have shared their brand new album, “HEADACHE”, in full, for free, right now.

Unveiled via a Facebook post which offered zero context, the new record is made-up of eleven tracks and finds the trio is suitably riotous mood, ripping through the whole thing in a mass of flailing instrumentation and half-buried vocals. Same as it ever was. Featuring guest-vocal additions from illustrator Sophy Hollington on four of the tracks, the record does, on first listen at least, feel like a resoundingly fitting return; a gnarly, street-smart burst of the band’s signature stylings that will make you feel like they’ve barely been away.

Stream it in full below. And welcome back, Male Bonding. Boy, it feels good to say that.

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phtograph by steven gullick

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